HealFast Complete Nutrition for Surgery & Injury Recovery

My doctor was amazed by my results.

No swelling, no bruising. He said I healed faster than 90% of his patients. This stuff works!

Elizabeth R.

Verified Customer

Surgery Recovery Nutrition

Give your body the exact nutrient profile it needs to recover faster, safer, and more comfortably. Made with ingredients shown to:
Accelerate wound healing
Reduce pain and scarring
Boost energy and immunity
Reduce post-surgery problems
Two-Phase Surgery Recovery System
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Contains premium ingredients clinically shown to support healing, optimize recovery, support joint and tissue rebuilding, and aid with patient comfort.


INGREDIENTS BASED ON SCIENCE - 30+ carefully selected ingredients to optimize benefits while minimizing interactions in the perioperative and peri-injury period.
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My doctor was amazed by my results.

No swelling, no bruising. He said I healed faster than 90% of his patients. This stuff works!

Elizabeth R.

Verified Customer

Enjoy a faster, safer recovery.

When your body is healing, it needs a precise blend of nutrients to recover swiftly and comfortably.

Our two-part system provides the exact vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed for a safe, smooth healing journey.

I actually think this bundle is ridiculously good. My doctor was even confused. I didn’t bruise at all and my nose shrunk at a super quick rate.


Verified Customer

Made by Doctors for Our Patients (and Our Moms)

When my mother went in for surgery, I knew she needed specific nutrients to get back to her life quickly, safely, and pain-free. 

But nothing like HealFast existed. So I spent hundreds of dollars buying her dozens of supplements. When she recovered faster and more comfortably than almost any patient I had seen - and with no complications - I knew the world needed an easier solution.

After teaming up with other leading doctors, we fine-tuned the perfect nutrient recovery system for any surgical patient who wants to heal fast.

We did the work for you.


Spend hundreds of dollars on various supplements

Take dozens of pills everyday, each with unnecessry fillers

Keep track of the right dosage for each pill

Hope each supplement is high quality


Invest in one affordable system

Fewer capsules with zero fillers

Perfect dosage measured for you

Formulated by doctors and third-party tested

I’m 15 days post op and I healed super fast—by day 5 I was already feeling great. I went for my 1 week post op appoint and my doctor literally said, ‘What the f***?!,’ he did not expect me to be doing so well.


Verified Customer

Real Folks Bouncing Back Real Fast

Benefits of HealFast's Ingredients

Click anywhere on the icons to see benefits.

Natural Ingredients


Science Based


Formulated by Doctors


Third Party Tested


Thousands of Reviews


Protect yourself from post-surgery problems.

Did you know: after surgery, your body's demand for nutrients skyrockets, and failing to nourish your body with the right nutrients can lead to serious complications or even a return to the hospital.

Patients will experience surgical complication.*
Will experience post-surgery complications.*
Will experience post-surgery complications.*
Give yourself the best chance at a safe recovery with our carefully designed nutrition system, formulated by surgeons for our patients.

Saw my plastic surgeon for a follow up and she was amazed at how well I was healing and feeling.


Verified Customer

Two-Phase Nutrition Protection

Your body requires different nutrients to prepare for surgery than it does to recover from it. Our system caters to these two phases, providing precise nourishment for each stage of healing.

Phase 1

Prepare Your Body

Our Pre-Op Formula provides your body with the essential nutrients it needs for a strong foundation leading up to surgery.

Phase 2:

Optimize Your Recovery

Following your procedure, the Post-Op Formula steps in to supply vital nutrients needed for a quick, safe, and comfortable recovery.

Powered by Nature. Hand-Picked by Doctors.


A natural amino acid extensively studied for wound healing. Imperative for immune system support during recovery.

Enhances muscle recovery and growth.

Boosts immune function, reducing infection risk.

Supports gut health and intestinal function.

Prevents muscle wasting in chronic illnesses.

Aids glycogen replenishment for energy storage.

Used in collagen creation. Support wound recovery and immune response. Support healthy circulation.

Enhances muscle recovery post surgery and injury.

Boosts nitric oxide production, improving blood flow.

Aids muscle growth and recovery post-exercise.

Strengthens immune system, beneficial post-surgery.

Improves heart health and kidney function.

Required for collagen formation. Supplementation has been shown to support surgical found healing by up to 50%

Strengthens immune system and aids in infection resistance.

Essential for wound healing and collagen synthesis.

Acts as an antioxidant, protecting against cell damage.

Reduces muscle soreness post-exercise.

Improves mood and mental health recovery.

Improve circulation and enhance Vitamin C’s effectiveness.

Offers strong antioxidant protection against cell damage.

Enhances Vitamin C's effectiveness and immune support.

• Reduces inflammation, aiding injury and exercise recovery.

• Strengthens blood vessels, improving circulation.

• Benefits heart health and helps manage allergies.

Counteracts side effects of antibiotics. Researched to help with recovery after surgery including complication rates, duration of stay in the hospital, and infectious complications.

Balances gut microbiota for improved digestive health.

Strengthens immune system, enhancing infection resistance.

Enhances nutrient absorption and overall physical recovery.

Positively impacts mental health, reducing anxiety and depression.

Alleviates antibiotic-associated diarrhea and some allergies.

Shown to reduce surgical wound healing by up to 43%. Support the immune system

Boosts immune function and shortens illness duration.

Essential for wound healing and skin repair.

Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.

Regulates hormones, aiding muscle growth and recovery.

Promotes digestive and skin health.

Improves nerve function, brain health and cellular response.

Boosts energy metabolism and aids physical recovery.

Supports nerve function and brain health.

Essential for cell growth and red blood cell formation.

Strengthens immune system and infection resistance.

Promotes healthy skin, hair, and muscle tone.

Promotes eye tissue repair and support skin and tissue regeneration.

Strengthens immune system, aiding in illness recovery.

Promotes skin and tissue repair and regeneration.

Essential for healthy vision and eye tissue repair.

Acts as an antioxidant, reducing oxidative stress.

Supports bone health and cell growth.

Reduces inflammation and alleviates muscle soreness.
Post-OP Formula Only

Reduces inflammation.

Offers pain relief, particularly post-surgery and dental procedures.

Improves digestion, easing protein breakdown and gastrointestinal issues.

Promotes wound healing, effective in burn treatment.

Alleviates exercise-induced muscle soreness and swelling.

Supports healing processes with the circulatory system, and works together with Bromelain to tame inflammation, pain, and bruising
Post-OP Formula Only

Reduces inflammation, aiding in recovery from inflammatory conditions.

Acts as an antioxidant, mitigating oxidative stress.

Enhances immune function, shortening infection durations.

Alleviates allergy symptoms by inhibiting histamine release.

Supports heart health and improves exercise recovery.

Aids in muscle relation, soreness, cramping, and sleep.

Relieves muscle cramps.

Enhances sleep quality, essential for overall health.

Supports bone health and aids in bone recovery.

Regulates heart health and blood pressure.

Boosts energy production and improves mental health.

Regulates thyroid, boost metabolism and improve your mood.

Protects cells from oxidative stress as a powerful antioxidant.

Boosts immune function, aiding in infection recovery.

Essential for thyroid health and metabolic regulation.

Supports heart health, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Improves cognitive function and mood regulation.

Essential for new cell formation and metabolism while recovering

Essential for cell growth, DNA repair, and maintenance.

Aids in the formation of healthy red blood cells.

Supports heart health by regulating homocysteine levels.

Improves mental health and cognitive function.

Crucial for fetal development during pregnancy.

Strengthens bone and connective tissue. Supports the immune system. 

Essential for collagen synthesis, aiding in wound healing.

Supports energy production and overall vitality.

Acts as an antioxidant, protecting against cellular damage.

Bolsters immune function for better infection resistance.

Crucial for nerve health and red blood cell formation.


Read the white paper with all all the scientific studies that went into the formula

$144 $99
Save Yourself Time & Money
Who This System Is Made For

I just had rhinoplasty today—about 4 hours ago. Literally, y’all, I have zero bruising, not even yellowing. I started my post-op today along with the antibiotics my doctor prescribed. I haven’t even touched the opioid painkillers because I’m not in pain.

Mindy C.

Verified Customer

I recently had rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty. Bruising and swelling were gone by day 5 post-op. No one could believe I had my surgery done 2 weeks ago. I was impressed by how fast my recovery was. Day 1 post-op was not painful, I was just tired. The next day I was able to walk around and run errands. 

Ada L.

Verified Customer

I’ve been using these for 6 days since my nose job.The swelling has reduced tremendously. I know this is expected with or without the supplements but I’m sure this aided in reducing the amount of time I was extremely swollen and uncomfortable. I’ve improved so much in less than a week.

Brianna D.

Verified Customer

I ordered this product prior to a lower facelift and I was absolutely amazed by the results. I had very little swelling and almost NO BRUISING!! I had my sutures removed today, and honestly I could go straight from the doctor's office today to a restaurant and feel pretty comfortable. 

Kyle H.

Verified Customer

Kyle H.Verified CustomerI absolutely love HealFast as it helped me so much before and after my facelift!!! I have continued to use it as it gives me lots of energy and helps me to feel great!

Tricia W.

Verified Customer

Totally shocked by how well this system worked for my facelift! My doctor said my recovery was supposed to take WAY longer than it actually did. And I had almost no pain. I didn’t do anything else different so I only have these pills to thank!

Pam D.

Verified Customer

I have a very long, wide scar from recent surgery due to a very bad elbow/humerus fracture. I used Vaseline the first couple of weeks to halo with scabbing, then switched to this silicone gel and it is improving daily. Just be patient, this does take time and diligence. 

Mary T.

Verified Customer

Several weeks ago I took a very bad fall and bruised my right leg, foot, arm and broke my elbow. After taking HealFast for 10 days as directed I can see a much improved lessening of the bruising. It never got yellowish and the purple/black has really diminished. I think another big plus from this product is how much better it has made my energy level increase from not being able to do much of anything to having enough energy to accomplish small household tasks and eat a little bit more.

Mimi S.

Verified Customer

An elbow injury that has been plaguing me for 3 years for which I've gotten shockwave therapy, occupational therapy, and PRP without much long-term success is now 98% better. That's HUGE. This was chronic pain that often made me unable to do laundry, cook, do dishes, make my bed, etc. These have literally been a life-changer. 

Aj L.

Verified Customer

I bought this for my friend's second knee cartilage surgery. He suffered a lot from his first time surgery recovery, so I did lots of research and decided to go with the HealFast product as it is a physician-crafted formula and approved by surgeons and anesthesiologists. He took pre-op 4 days before the surgery and post after. We were all happy that it contained all the ingredients needed for healing. More importantly it did help a lot with reducing swelling, bruising and soreness.

Vanessa V.

Verified Customer

I believe that this supplement made a difference in my recovery from total knee replacement surgery. My doctor was very impressed with my healing and flexibility at 4.5 weeks post surgery.

Leslie M.

Verified Customer

My daughter had to have ACL Reconstructive surgery on her left knee and I had her take the Pre-Op and Post-Op supplements. She is doing AMAZING! Only 2 days after her surgery , she stopped using her crutches and 3 days after, she was able to fully straighten her leg. She was also able to quit taking her Rx pain med 1 week after surgery. Her Physical Therapy is also going fantastic and her therapists say that she is way above the curve with her recovery and that she is progressing WAY FASTER than other teenagers her age (17).

John H.

Verified Customer

I had a mommy makeover 3.5 weeks ago and have taken these supplements. The results with these products are amazing! HealFast post op has helped keep my swelling down and I never had bruising! At my two week post op my doctor was shocked at how well I was healing and I owe it all to this product by keeping me healthy and on track with the proper nutrients.

Nicolle H.

Verified Customer

I had a mommy makeover on Dec 1rst and taking the HealFast pre op and post op supplements really helped with my recovery. My Dr. & nurses were amazed at how quickly I recovered! According to them, I always look 2+ weeks further along in my recovery than most patients.

Kristin W.

Verified Customer

I’m in the third week post-op from a Mommy Makeover which included a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, Lipo 360, Buechel fat removal, chin and neck Lipo. Doctor says my incisions look really good for being in my third week post-op. I'm convinced this supplement has helped tremendously. I started this supplement 24 hrs after surgery and took it as directed.

Katherine B.

Verified Customer

Amazing! Healing fast. I had a mommy makeover with a breast lift, implants and a full tummy tuck. I took the pre-op and post-op formula. I would purchase these again and would definitely recommend them.

Tonya G.

Verified Customer

I had a breast aug on March 27. I'm now seven days post op and it honestly doesn't even feel like I had surgery. I took the full pre op formula and i'm almost done with the post-op and i really feel this aided my recovery.

Courtney P.

Verified Customer

I had a breast augmentation. I started these vitamins 2 days before surgery and finished the bottle as instructions directed. My surgeon could not believe how fast I healed—no bruising, smooth incisions and quickly regained mobility. I went back to work after two weeks. Worth every penny!

Elizabeth T.

Verified Customer

This is the best product ever, I had a lipo 360 with BBL and I started these pills right after my procedure and immediately noticed the difference. I believe this helped me so much with my healing process because my massage lady told me I was looking great so fast, swelling was down so much and what I loved was that it helped me go to the bathroom. I usually get constipated after surgeries because of the anesthesia but these pills helped me so much with that. You will not be disappointed.

Estela E.

Verified Customer

This stuff is amazing. I got a Liposuction and BBL and took these 5 days prior. I have no bruising, little swelling, able to use the bathroom alone with no help , woke up with no nausea after the anesthesia, and have tolerable pain. I didn’t even have to get a nurse. Please get these if you are getting surgery 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I’m really in shock at how well these work😭 

Robin B.

Verified Customer

I started taking this 5 days before my procedure. I was up and walking the day after my surgery. I had BBL, TT, BA MR abs Lipo. I’m a nurse, so I’m very impressed with this product; it definitely works ! Buy it— you won’t regret 🙏

Becca A.

Verified Customer

I used this after my second C-section. I healed way faster using this and I could literally feel the difference. It was so good I have to come back and write this review!

Lu L.

Verified Customer

I had a BBL and tummy tuck 5 weeks ago. I took these one week before surgery and two weeks after. I recovered so fast with no pain. I expected to feel pain after surgery because I didn’t have my pain medicine with me for a long time but I never felt any pain. My doctor was speechless when he saw how fast I was recovering. 

Tenille C.

Verified Customer

I had a tummy tuck & lipo surgery 3 months ago and the swelling was horrible. I was not taking the pills then. I decided to take HealFast this time because of my previous surgery. The swelling is significantly less and my back incision (back lift, lipo, & bbl) is healing MUCH faster than my incision from 3 months ago.

 Sheila A.

Verified Customer

There is no taste! I bought this product for a liposuction procedure and fat transfer I got. When you get these procedures you have to get lymphatic massages, and they do hurt, but to me it felt like a massage on bruises. I was also barely bruised. Only very minor in two spots, like the size of a quarter. I also had multiple holes/wounds because of the procedure and about half closed by the second day, and it’s currently the 6th day and I only have 1 wound open. I definitely feel that this product has helped me immensely. I 100% recommend this product!!!

Delvis J.

Verified Customer

This stuff is amazing. I got a Liposuction and BBL and took these 5 days prior. I have no bruising, little swelling, am able to use the bathroom without help, woke up with no nausea after the anesthesia, and have tolerable pain. Get these if you are getting surgery 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I’m in shock at how well these work 😭

Robin J.

Verified Customer

I just had a thigh lift plus liposuction and this helped me recover extremely fast . Very next day I didn’t even need pain medication. I did exactly as the bottle said . The pill didn’t even upset my stomach. I highly recommend

Lali M.

Verified Customer
See What Doctors Say

"As an anesthesiologist, I believe it's crucial to optimize a patient's nutritional status while remaining safe for use before and after the operative period. This product satisfies both requirements"

Dr. Myro Figura, M.D.


Nutrition is an important part of surgical healing and HealFast combines all the scientifically backed ingredients for optimal recovery.

Dr. Jason Roostaiean, M.D.

Plastic Surgery

"In plastic surgery we believe that nutrition is critical for accelerating the dynamic process of wound healing"

Dr. Jessica Chang, M.D.

Plastic Surgery

I see many patients after surgeries and injuries. Nutrition is critical, and those patients that emphasize nutrition tend to have improved healing and recovery. Diet alone may not be enough. HealFast contains all the ingredients I would recommend to patients looking to optimize their outcome

Octavian Mihai, PA-C.

Pain Management

As an anesthesiologist, I oversee patients overall health through a surgical intervention. Nutrition takes on a critical and underestimated role in recovery"

Dr. John Le, M.D.


"Nutrition is a key element to the healing process. In the ICU, I teach my medical students about the importance of feeding and role it plays as the foundation of every therapy we provide

Dr. Hersh Patel,

Pain Management

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    The complete HealFast Surgical and Injury Recovery Program is designed to provide the optimal level of nutrient support to aid your recovery.
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    The HealFast Surgical and Injury Pre-Op Formula is designed to prepare and provide the optimal level of nutrient support to aid your recovery prior to surgery.
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    The HealFast Surgical and Injury Recovery Post-Op Formula is designed to provide the optimal level of nutrient support to aid your recovery with additional antioxidants.