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CB: Complete + Scar

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Industry-leading Recovery Support

Contains premium ingredients clinically-tested to support healing,
optimize recovery, support the body’s natural ability to process inflammation and swelling, and healthy management of acute pain.

HealFast is a Doctor-Formulated Solution To Better Healing.

Did you know?

3 in 5

Patients will experience surgical complication

2 in 5

Patients will experience post-surgery complications.

1 in 5

Patients will be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days

INGREDIENTS BASED ON SCIENCE - 30+ carefully selected ingredients to optimize benefits while minimizing any interactions around the time of surgery or injury.

Recover Faster & Easier

25 Critical Ingredients Proven by 200+ Studies to Optimize Recovery. Key nutrients Include:

Glutamine +

Studies report healthy wounds and healing rates can be influenced by proper amino acid nutrition. Glutamine is important nutrient in cellular protection.

Arginine +

Used in collagen creation. Supports natural wound healing and immune response. Arginine helps with healing and supports blood flow.

Vitamin C +

Required for collagen formation. Supplementation helps with natural wound healing.

Citrus Bioflavanoids +

Helps Vitamin C absorption and blood vessel strength. The nutrient is known for antioxidant, cell cycle control and heart health.

Probiotics +

Helps reestablish gut balance after some prescription regiments. Supports healthy digestion and overall, well-being.

Zinc +

Studies report lower healing times when sufficient zinc is present. Additionally, Zinc supports the overall immune system.

Vitamin B Complex +

Supports energy needs. Helps with protein synthesis. Essential nutrients for normal cellular signaling and response to trauma.

Vitamin A +

Required for bone and skin formation. Reported to activate normal production of connective tissue and blood vessels. Supports natural resistance to everyday potential infections.

Bromelain +

Pineapple fruit extract with a range of health benefits. Limited and inconclusive studies report various blood flow, circulation and cellular signaling benefits.

Quercetin +

A free radical scavenger bioflavonoid found in plants that helps with blood circulation and respiratory health. It's complementary with Bromelain for immune function.

Magnesium +

Vast metabolic impact. Aids in muscle relaxation, soreness, and cramping.

Selenium +

An essential trace mineral to support cellular signaling and control.

Folate +

Supports strong bones and healthy connective tissue.

Copper +

Strong anti-bacterial. Strengthens bone and connective tissue.

Made Safe

Doctor-approved, Anesthesiologist and Surgeon tested formula.

Formulated to minimize negative interactions in the operative and injury period after surgery.

Formula made with the only well-studied and safe ingredients.

We guarantee

  • No pseudoscience
  • No extreme-dose, unsafe ingredients
  • No ingredients at low ineffective doses
  • No unnecessary additives
  • No controversial ingredients

Trusted Quality

Only safe, quality and scientifically-tested ingredients used.

We test our ingredients for content, heavy metals, microbial contaminants in our FDA Registered facility
CGMP compliant manufacturer. Adherence assures the identity, strength, quality, and purity of products
Third Party Tested. We re-test our formulation by a third party up to federal standards to further ensure your safety.
We made HealFast as if it's for our family

Benefits of HealFast's Ingredients

Click anywhere on the icons to see benefits.


Decrease fatigue and boost energy levels. Improve cellular repair mechanisms


Accelerate wound healing by up to 50% and resorption of bruises and hematomas


Reduce pain, swelling, inflammation, and scarring.


Improve Immune function, reduce the risk of infection, and combat antibiotic side effects


Reduce post-surgery complications & hospital length of stay

Thousands of people have experienced great results.

2,170 Reviews 4.8 / 5.0


My son broke both arms and wrists. Many surgeries, and he said this is really making a difference. Hes had arm surgery before so he does have something to compare against. I recommend it.




Best pre/post surgery pills

I was not healing at all and this supplement vitamins/pills help me started healing very fast. You have to try it for yourself. Great stuff!



AUGUST 8, 2021

Improve Well-Being

At first I didn’t think heal fast product would work but after taking it a week I notice how quickly I start to heal. It’s definitely works



SEPTEMBER 24, 2021


THIS PILLS ARE AMAZING! Had a mommy makeover 3/8 and this picture is 4 weeks after surgery! I was never swollen or bruising. Highly recommend it if you are having a surgery.


APRIL 26, 2021

Vital for surgery recovery! Highly recommend!

This product is perfect for surgery recovery. After researching the necessary vitamins need for recovery, I was impressed to see this product has the exact vitamins required! Highly recommend!!!



MARCH 22, 2021

Great for healing

This product is perfect for surgery recovery. After researching the necessary vitamins need for recovery, I was impressed to see this product has the exact vitamins required! Highly recommend!!!



APRIL 19, 2021

HealFast is founded and trusted by Doctors.

"As an anesthesiologist, I believe it's crucial to optimize a patient's nutritional status while remaining safe for use before and after the operative period. This product satisfies both requirements"

Dr. Myro Figura, M.D.


Nutrition is an important part of surgical healing and HealFast combines all the scientifically backed ingredients for optimal recovery.

Dr. Jason Roostaiean, M.D.

Plastic Surgery

"In plastic surgery we believe that nutrition is critical for accelerating the dynamic process of wound healing"

Dr. Jessica Chang, M.D.

Plastic Surgery

I see many patients after surgeries and injuries. Nutrition is critical, and those patients that emphasize nutrition tend to have improved healing and recovery. Diet alone may not be enough. HealFast contains all the ingredients I would recommend to patients looking to optimize their outcome

Octavian Mihai, PA-C.

Pain Management

As an anesthesiologist, I oversee patients overall health through a surgical intervention. Nutrition takes on a critical and underestimated role in recovery"

Dr. John Le, M.D.


"Nutrition is a key element to the healing process. In the ICU, I teach my medical students about the importance of feeding and role it plays as the foundation of every therapy we provide

Dr. Hersh Patel,

Pain Management

Reduces redness and discomforts



We only include what's been scientifically proven.
No extra additives that you don't need.

CB: Complete + Scar

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Optimizing Recovery. Reducing Complications