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The Eclipse of Vitamin D

Today’s post is going to be short, the HealFast Team is having an outing to the see the total eclipse. While driving we started talking about one of our favorite vitamins, Vitamin D and its importance to the body.

As you know, 90% of the Vitamin D your body receives is from the Sun (see: The Sunshine Vitamin, Vitamin D video post). Because it can be made by our body through interactions with the Sun, the technical term for this type of nutrient is called a “Non-Essential” nutrient. This is compared to “Essential Nutrients” which cannot be made by the body and must be acquired through vitamin supplements1.

As you have probably guessed, the names are set as such because nutrients not made by the body are still “essential” to obtain, in the case of Vitamin D, for proper diet, nutrition, weight loss, healing, immune system, growth, and even reducing the likelihood of heart attacks!

In this case, UVB Rays from the Sun enter the skin and get absorbed via chemical a reaction process. This is how 90% of your vitamin D acquisition occurs, whereas the other method is through vitamin supplements infused into your food and drink. So, get outside regularly (using sunscreen where needed) as Sun through a window doesn’t work. You need to expose yourself to at least 30 mins a day on a skin surface larger than your arms to obtain the proper amounts.

Regarding the other 10% of Vitamin D acquisition, there are hundreds of private and white and label supplement manufacturers to choose from, each all basically identically the same. It’s always good to look for the ones you know have been at least third party tested for purity and potency first. While the industry is getting better with quality and label claims, you should always protect yourself. Interestingly, while Vitamin D is freely available from the Sun, consumption trends show that Vitamin D supplementation is rapidly increasing year on year2. “Over 50% of those 60 and older now take vitamin D and more than 15% of this group takes more than 1000 IUs/day. Over 50% of college graduates took vitamin D.”3

Circling back to the Solar Eclipse, there will of course be very minimal impact, but it’s probably best to get your Vitamin D on beforehand just in case you plan to spend the rest of the day in doors. Remember not to look directly into the Sun, it’s sad we at HealFast need to say this in today’s society, but you never know. Just remember that eyeballs don’t absorb Vitamin D! Wear protective glasses when viewing.

Have fun, be safe, grab some Vitamin D and enjoy the show! Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!





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