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 Personalizing Your Skincare Routine. Where To Start?

Personalizing Your Skincare Routine. Where To Start?

Obtaining your skin's most healthy and beautiful state requires that you understand both your skin type and how it behaves in various conditions. Then you can craft the proper skincare routine and identify the best products to use for your specific condition(s) and environment.

Whether it’s hot and humid or chilly and dry outside, do you know which ingredients your skin craves? Finding the right product for your skin takes trial & error, but pays off in the end.

Remember, everyone’s skin is different & unique. The same product may work for your friend, but not for you. Don’t assume that a product used by a friend or family member will have the same effects.

Lastly, you don’t want the product to make your skin condition worse. So we’ll also discuss some critical distinctions and get to know your skin type better!

Get To Know Your Skin

As you’ve read, skincare varies based on the environment, skin type/area, and skin condition.

If your skin is usually very balanced and healthy. It means you don’t necessarily have to switch up your entire regimen each season or every time you travel. If this is the case, a few tweaks are all that’s needed!

For some general examples, check out the table below.

We’ve attempted to bucket this information by skin type (”condition”) and map them to the products and product claims you want and those ingredients you’ll want to avoid.

Table of skin conditions and products

Once you know your skin type, the next step is to know how much of each product type to apply in a given session.

Below is how much of a given product type should be used for optimal effectiveness.

  • Retinol - about the size of a pencil tip.

  • Eye Cream - the size of a pea per the desired area.

  • Primer & Moisturizer - the size of a US dime.

  • Face cleansers - vary depending on the impacted area. So use US quarter-sized blob of product.

  • Body cleansers and lotions amounts depend on the surface area, but usually require no more than a small handful.

  • Sunscreen - until adequately covered!

How to Apply Various Topical Products?

Ways to apply topical products

Now that you know how much of a product to apply, all that is left is knowing when and how to apply the product for maximum effect.

Did you know your skincare regimen should be designed & applied at certain times & orders depending on whether it is day or night? The correct application order ensures your skin receives the max benefit of each product without blocking each other.

Generally, start with the thinnest consistency and move to products with a thicker consistency. Alternatively, move from liquid-based products to those that are oil-based.

Most experts recommend the below regimens.

At Night:

  1. Shower & rinse face

  2. Use a Cleanser

  3. Acne or blemish spot treatments

  4. Eye creams and other serums

  5. Moisturizers and Oils


  1. Shower or Face Rinse

  2. Use a Cleanser

  3. Spot treatment regimen

  4. Moisturizer or vitamin-rich creams

  5. Sunscreen (reapply as needed during the day)


You will need to hone your personalized skincare regimen through trial and error. Knowing which product types are best for the skin type, season, and geographical location will help you narrow down your search. However, even finding the right product within that narrowed search can still take some time. Just be patient and don't forget to titrate your initial use of the product. Start small and slow, and work your way up to ensure the product is right for you. We hope you enjoyed this post and found the information helpful. We understanding finding the perfect product for you will take some time. But once you find the right brand and product, you will see a world of difference over just using any product off the shelf.

Let us know your favorite brands and products or any comments or questions that you have!

~The HealFast Medical Team

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