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How to Use Silicone Gel for Scars

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Silicone scar gel is a trusted remedy in the dermatological world, renowned for its potential to treat and reduce the appearance of scars. Its efficacy is often cited in clinical studies, making it a popular recommendation among professionals. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to use silicone gel for optimized results.

Understanding Silicone Gel and Its Benefits

Silicone gel is a transparent, quick-drying product that can be applied to scars to facilitate healing and enhance appearance. Its key benefits include:

  • Hydration: Silicone gel acts as a barrier, retaining the skin's moisture, which is vital for scar healing. This ensures the scarred area remains hydrated, lessening itchiness and discomfort.

    Silicone gel maintaining skin hydration

  • Flattening and Softening: Over time, silicone gel can diminish the thickness and rigidity of scars, leading to skin that looks and feels more natural.

  • Reduction in Redness: Regular application can gradually fade the discoloration of scar tissue, aligning it more closely with the surrounding skin's tone.

  • Comfort: This gel is gentle on the skin, free from irritants, making it ideal for sensitive skin types and prolonged application.

How to Apply Silicone Gel

Application is simple, but certain steps can optimize the gel's effectiveness:

  • Clean the Area: Begin by ensuring the scar and surrounding skin are clean and dry.
    Cleaning scar before silicone gel application


    Apply a Thin Layer: Gently apply a thin layer of the silicone gel onto the scar.
    Applying silicone gel on scar

  • Allow it to Dry: Wait for a few minutes to let the gel dry before covering it with clothing or makeup.

  • Repeat Twice Daily: For optimal results, apply the gel morning and evening.

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Some scars can begin to fade in as little as a few days. Depending on how old the scar is, it could take up to 8 weeks for the texture and appearance to improve.

Medical-grade Silicone Scar Gel


Silicone gel is a significant advancement in dermatological treatments since it provides a non-invasive means of enhancing the appearance and comfort of scars. Consistent use, together with sun protection and moderate treatment, can produce results that were once thought to be surgically attainable only.

Learn about the miraculous benefits of silicone gel and start your journey to supple, polished skin.


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