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How To Combat Skin Aging

How To Combat Skin Aging

Aging is an undeniable fact of life that impacts your skin appearance, thus it’s essential to know what’s happening in your skin at various points of your life. For example, did you know the majority of skin aging and related damage occurs before 20!? That damage only manifests itself later once the body lacks the ability to replenish, hide, and turn over cells effectively. Knowing your skin's timeline allows you to provide it what it needs at the right time.

This way, you can customize your skincare efforts to achieve maximum results!

Your 20s

High collagen production keeps skin plump & firm. At this time, some dynamic (e.g., “smile”) wrinkles begin to appear around the eyes. You might not be worried yet, but proper skincare in your 20s can lay a strong foundation for the years ahead.

ACTION: Focus on prevention! Use sunscreen.

Always wear sunscreen and try to minimize exposure around noon when the Sun is at its strongest. Support continuous collagen production, repair, and protection using beauty from within supplements. Also, try low-dose retinol several nights a week to combat Sun damage and improve cell regeneration.

Your 30s

After age 20, collagen levels begin to decrease roughly 1% per year. Wrinkles become deeper and skin gets more prone to discoloration and environmental damage – all of which results in a lackluster appearance.

Women ages 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60

Managing diet, lifestyle, stress levels, sleep, and exercise may be more complicated than in younger years. And it may start to show on your skin!

The most common initial signs of damage are fine lines around the eyes ("periorbital" area).

ACTION: Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Manage stress and exercise regularly. It’s vital to equip yourself with the proper tools at this time.

Take beauty from within supplements to maintain collagen production & antioxidant levels. If you haven’t done so yet, start using antioxidants and retinol to speed up cell regeneration and help repair damage. Use sunscreen daily and try eye creams with moisturizers to prevent periorbital wrinkles. Lastly, leverage exfoliators for your pores and to balance your skin’s tone and texture.

Your 40's

Your 40s bring a host of environmental assaults. From the stress of life (and potentially parenting) to expectedly including gravity & the natural aging process. These lead to the reduction of collagen and elastin, which translates into lost volume, deeper wrinkles, and less skin firmness.

ACTION: Maintain your skincare regimen from the 30s. Beauty from within nutrition becomes increasingly essential as collagen production is further reduced.

Consider adding skin serums designed for your specific aging fears. Continue with sunscreen, moisturizers, and routinely exfoliating to restore & maintain your natural youthful appearance.

Your 50s

Many women undergo menopause around their 50s. Be warned, menopause induced hormone changes can drastically impact skin health.

Hormonal changes can lead to skin thinning, dryness, deeper wrinkles, loss of skin volume, and sagging.

Many of these changes are due to drastically decreased amounts of collagen, elastin, and lipid production.

ACTION: We strongly recommend adding a consistently taken orally consumed supplement that focusing on replenishing & boosting collagen production. It’s now a very important time to consistently use one!

Antioxidants are powerful allies & very useful in boosting your ability to fight free radicals. In regards to topicals, consider a combination of products that contain hydroxy acids (like glycolic acid), antioxidants, peptides, and retinol.

Please note, sometimes over-the-counter retinoid products aren’t powerful enough. Speak with your physician to get a prescription-grade retinoid.

Beauty From Within supplements and topicals work hand in hand at improving cell turnover, boosting collagen production, and repairing existing damage!

Your 60+ Years

The same battles you faced in your 50's continue well into the '60s and beyond. Only now, the skin gets thinner, more fragile, and has a higher degree of visible volume loss.

ACTION: Continue the same strategy from your 50s.

Continue moisturizing and using gentle products on your skin. Continue a healthy lifestyle, taking collagen supporting supplements that promote synthesis and repair.

Consider creams, serums, and other hydrating items that are designed to retain moisture and protect healthy cells.

Lastly, continue intermittent exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells that may build up.

Create and continually practice good skincare habits from a young age. While it takes a certain level of faith to follow now, it will certainly pay off in the long run.

Thanks for reading this post. We hope you found it useful and we look forward to any questions or comments you may have!

~The HealFast Medical Team